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Hi, my name is Andrea!

As a child, whenever possible I would run to my uncles in the mountains to pet the dogs, stay in the barn and visit the chickens. Growing up I graduated in engineering, always maintaining that healthy curiosity for Life. Where am I now? On a journey and beside me there are always animals.

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About me

Animals led me on a journey of growth and inner rediscovery that allows to recognize and honor our true essence day after day.  I am on my journey grateful to Life for all the opportunities that it offers us to take one more step towards an even greater awareness. I decided to share my listening and research path with the hope that it will be of help to the people and animals who will welcome it.

Nature and the animal kingdom have always been my passion. The search for their presence was immediately a strong calling, also thanks to the passion transmitted by my farmer uncles and so dogs, birds, cows, donkeys, chickens were the companions of pleasant weekends. But sometimes more exotic animals also came along.


The call

It all started when the image of a white lion appeared in my mind. I felt the call and accepted the challenge to follow him to the other side of the world. Intuitive communication with animals thus took shape in 2008 in South Africa, at the end of a period of volunteering with white lions where for the first time a lion clearly showed me how it was possible to communicate on a deep level, which went beyond the limits of language and distance.

This first experience lit a light in me and curiosity drove me to search. I had a very specific question in mind: what if it was really possible to communicate with animals? A few years later, after a wonderful experience with orangutans in Malaysia, my journey began in 2010 in England, where I attended my first course on communication with animals. I then delved deeper in the topic both in Europe and Africa. In the latter, I had the opportunity to be guided by different animals: chimpanzees, whales, lions, baboons, eagles, penguins, horses, white lions, gorillas, giraffes and a special cockerel.

Animal Talk Italia

Back in Italy, I decided to found Animal Talk Italia in 2013 with the aim of sharing the experiences I had gained and helping people and animals to understand each other at a deep level of knowledge, established thanks to intuitive communication. I have collaborated with various national and international associations and authorities and held conferences and courses on intuitive communication with animals in Italy and abroad; respectively on four different continents.

I have never stopped dreaming and I have decided to walk this path with faith and gratitude towards the support and teachings that Life is giving me.

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“The self that we identified with ourselves at a certain point no longer represents us. We will understand that our being is something else."

- Andrea Contri

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