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The basic course

This course is designed to help you understand how we are all energized and energetically connected beings. During the course you will experience intuitive communication and how it develops within you. This course is designed to help you understand how all of us are energetic beings and are all connected on an energetic level. After taking the course you will have a greater understanding of your animal friends, creatures found in nature and the potentials

enclosed in you. The basic course can be held in person and online. Take part in the modality that most resonates with you.

Who is it for? For all those who love animals and decide to undertake a journey of deep listening that starts from within us and then leads to the others.
What does it offer? An in-depth overview of basic technique and exercises to familiarize yourself with intuitive communication.
Basic requirements. There are no specific requirements. You just need to bring enthusiasm and a lot of joy with you.

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"The longest distance a person can travel in their entire life is from the mind to the heart."

- Andrea Contri

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