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Intuitive communication should be seen as an opportunity to improve and facilitate our understanding of our animal companions. Indeed, through the information received, it is possible to better understand the psychophysical state of our animal, its emotions and thoughts.

In cases of specific problems it is specified that through intuitive communication we do not want to change the character or attitude of the animal, but rather open a dialogue through which to reach a greater understanding that can guide our mutual relationship.


  You can now also request a consultation in  presence.  

Write to us and we will inform you about the next dates! 

It should be noted that Andrea is not a veterinarian. Medications and treatments cannot be prescribed through intuitive communication. Communication must be seen as an opportunity to improve and facilitate the understanding of our animals and not as the replacement of care or treatments already in place.

Through intuitive communication it is possible to highlight any plots that bind us to our animals to better understand the relationship that an experience has in our life.

Communication has a strong relationship with spiritual growth of the individual who requests it and can also be a valid support for understanding personal dynamics.


"The most important lesson of intuitive communication is to put the mind aside and start using the heart."

- Andrea Contri

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