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Intuitive Communication

Intuitive communication is a unique opportunity to create direct contact with, improve understanding and interaction, discover and solve any problems of our animal companions.

Intuitive communication is an ancient technique, still present in the traditions of all those populations that still live in close contact with nature. We are all able to communicate with animals; and it is thanks to the sharing of unconditional love between us and the animals that it is possible to get in touch with them.
Animals constantly communicate with us, perceive our intentions, emotions, and the thoughts underlying our words. It is possible to re-establish this connection thanks to the respect for animals and nature and the knowledge that we, as human beings, belong to this magnificent world too.


Intuitive communication is based on the sharing of unconditional love that brings us back to experiencing unity with the world around us.

Open the channel

Mutual listening allows us to establish a "dialogue" through which to improve the understanding of our animal companions and ourselves . 


The availability of our animal companions must always be honored. An experience capable of giving beyond expectations.

How does the communication work?

Intuitive communication with animals is non-verbal communication that involves the direct transmission of sensations, intentions, thoughts, images, emotions and physical sensations. Each thought or sensation is an expression of its own energy, through which animals are able to communicate with each other. It is through intuitive communication that we can connect with animals and communicate with them.

What are the benefits?

Entering into communication with animals allows us to open a channel of dialogue between us and the animals: it is possible to have answers to questions about small or large problems we have in the relationship with them, to listen to their messages, to better understand their point of view, how they think and what they perceive when interacting with us, and how to approach them to establish a better relationship.

Intuitive communication leads us into an intimate dimension between us and our animal companions in which we can improve mutual understanding, manage specific situations and understand the importance of the human-animal binomial.

Interacting with them allows us to understand them at a profound level, promote coexistence, assist them in periods of change by preventing states of stress or abandonment, understand the matrices underlying misunderstandings and behavioral problems, deepen aspects of everyday life and in general it constitutes a unique opportunity to have further confirmation of how much they love us and take care of us.
Through greater awareness and closeness it is possible to create an even more harmonious and lively relationship with our animal companions and consequently with ourselves and the nature that surrounds us.

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- Andrea Contri

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