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Animal Talk Italia courses

For those who want to approach or deepen the theme of Intuitive Communication with animals, Animal Talk Italia offers basic courses, master classes and advanced courses with an intuitive and practical approach.
Online and face-to-face courses are available for all people who want to rediscover and develop their talents through the relationship with animals.
You will experience Intuitive Communication firsthand through practical exercises with different animals, exploring this profound listening as a universal language that unites all living species.

The courses are aimed at all animal lovers and people who are deepening their own path of inner growth. We consider these moments as a unique opportunity to discover and sahre, an opportunity for each individual to honor their own path with their own times and methods.

More than having a goal or a point of arrival, we invite you to open a new door to confidently embark on this fantastic journey with respect, trust and joy.


Each of us has their own path of spiritual growth that it is important to recognize and respect during our journey.


Intuitive communication is a skill that belongs to us. Opening up to this new kind of listening will lead each of us to take an important step within ourselves.


There is no better manual than the joy of chasing your dream with a big smile, leaving aside judgment. An open heart to discover ourselves.

What to expect from the course?

The best advice we can give you is to have no expectations. Animal Talk Italia courses are meant for all those people who are willing to get involved, to embark on a new path driven by the love for animals and Nature. These are courses in which the animals that you meet will be your teachers and, through the sharing of experiences and techniques, you will be guided to discover the master in you.

You will embark on a listening path that will guide you in

a journey within you that not only contains the communication with animals but above all the opportunity to get involved in facing inner dynamics that often block us in the expression of our potentials.

Trust yourself and if the energy of Animal Talk Italia resonates with you we will be happy to meet you.

Corso Comunicazione Intuitiva Animal Talk Italia

The right course for you!

Animal Talk Italia offers both in person and online courses. Both modes include an in-depth theoretical part and practical exercises with the animals that will come to visit us.


The in person courses take place in locations surrounded by nature where you can carve out a moment for yourself and experience a group dynamic in which different people who, like you, are facing a path of growth.

The online courses are divided into several appointments that will accompany you for about a month. They include the use of theoretical video-lessons and moments of live meeting. They are compatible with work commitments and suitable for those who have difficulty getting around.

There are both basic courses for all those who want to approach intuitive communication, and advanced courses to deepen specific issues and continue along this path together.


“Listen to their messages

and understand yourself. "

- Andrea Contri

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