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The wandering chameleon

This project starts from the desire to develop a sense of community among us and share our talents, paths and lives. It is structured in a series of interviews that will lead us to meet new people, stimulating life stories with the hope that they will enrich us and provide new food for thought, which right now are precious for delving into us.

We wanted to make a transversal cut: from spirituality to cooking, from the use of breath to Mayan cosmology. From how to self-produce detergents to the art of drawing, passing through communication with plants, fairy tales and much more.

These are gifts that many friends have given us! And like wandering chamaleons, we invite you to color your days with new stimuli and an extra smile.

Mario Lo Presti is the son of a family of traditional farmers from Nicosia (Sicily) where he still lives today. After a period spent abroad where he touches the livestock industry, he understands that his mission is to return to his country and keep the tradition of traditional attachment alive. Mario is now proud to be a Shepherd; he raises the Girgentana goat, an indigenous Sicilian breed in danger of extinction, an animal he had always wanted since he was a child.

Debora Marchini is a sunny, enterprising and dynamic soul. The passion for food led her to be a content editor for the food-gourmet sector but thanks to her determination she cultivated her hobby for fitness and today she is an aqua fitness instructor. Today he will guide us with exercises suitable for all ages to tone our body!

Michele Giovagnoli is an alchemist, writer, lover of the forest and is also known as the man who talks to the trees. It will guide us to discover the wisdom of trees and ancient values that will overwhelm us and make us reflect.

Immediately struck by the word Self-production Erika Bernini embarks on a new path, interesting, motivating, in the self-production of products: quality, economic and not harmful to the environment. It teaches us to self-produce detergents so that every daily gesture at home can become rich and precious. You can self-produce and Planet Earth is Happy!
"I hope with all my heart that this seed can germinate within as many people as possible and I hope so with all the feeling of love with which it was transmitted to me" ._ cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Alessandro Masini, 34 years old,   is the founder and director of The Labyrinth, a social enterprise of responsible and community tourism in Central America. Cultural mediator and consultant for the development of ethical projects related to tourism in the indigenous and rural areas of Latin America, Alessandro will guide us to know the ancient Maya indigenous population of Guatemala! A journey full of colors, flavors and emotions.

In this episode you can listen to Alessia Napolitano, bookseller of Radice-Labirinto, introduce you to the fairy tale forest. Tales have always hidden profound knowledge that must only be told to be understood. We will understand how important it is to remove the pedagogical message from the fairy tale so that children and adults can cross the plot in complete freedom. At the end of the meeting Alessia will narrate for you "Vassilissa", a Russian folk tale.

Stefano Severi is a Yoga teacher and meditation expert. At the age of sixteen he began to practice the ancient art of Yoga with the tradition of Paramahansa Yogānanda and Swami Śivānanda to then study the techniques of Hatha Yoga, Siddha Siddhanta Yoga. Stefano will guide us to discover the art of Yoga and the benefits it can bring to our lives. Do not miss the breathing exercise… Stefano is the founder and President of the Armonia Yoga center in Modena, he holds intensives of Yoga and Meditation, internships and Satsang throughout Italy.

Sara Aguanno, following her passion for horses, arrives at Alpe di Susi where she rediscovers the value of volunteering and finds love. Today, together with his partner, he runs a traditional hotel and produces excellent wine. Sara will guide us to discover South Tyrolean recipes. To take notes and prepare to practice in the kitchen!

Edoardo Taori from an early age tries to discover what the reality that surrounds him is made of, he practices many sports, cultivates his artistic skills and is passionate about science. Crescendo focuses his studies on musical composition and the nature of sound. And so it was that from a trip to India and Nepal he enters the fascinating world of the “Song of the trees”. Experience that led him to found a Plants Play startup that deals with developing and marketing devices that allow you to listen to the music generated by plants and trees. Follow the episode and you will hear a plant playing live for us!

Rosario and Michele, the mind and the arm, the cat and the fox… They were born in Naples but life brings them together in Modena where they start working at La Smorfia, a Neapolitan pizzeria located in the historic center. Between a world championship and over 2000 people served a week, Rosario and Michele will guide us with their positivity to discover the perfect pizza dough by revealing some of their secrets!

Francesco Martelli is Coach, Trainer, Author. An expert in NLP, over the years he has decided to follow that subtle vibration that cannot be rationally explained except with one word: Intuition. Today he is considered one of the leading Italian experts on the development of intuition and talent and will guide us in rediscovering this gift in our daily life.

Giulia and Matteo united by the passion of surfing are a winning team of "do it yourself". So when it came time to furnish the house, they began to use waste wood to make their furniture. From there their creativity led them to draw on wooden tablets to make pictures for friends until Tatini was born. A journey into the shades of colors born from the encounter with a whale!

Annalisa De Luzio is an Osteopath expert in the somato-emotional approach. Through the treatments it acts on the physical, emotional and energetic rebalancing of the individual, decoding the symptoms, as an expression of the best solution found by the MAN system. This technique has now also been extended to animals by starting a Human-Animal Relationship Osteopathy project. In this episode we will discover that we actually have more brains than we think and we will be guided through simple but effective exercises to experience firsthand the relationship between thought and body.

Rachele Malavasi is an expert in equine behavior. In the early years of her career she devoted herself to research: graduated in Biology, with a PhD in Environmental Sciences. After a period of volunteer work at the EquiLuna Oasis, the main office of the SEE (Ethical Riding School or Ethical School of Human-Equine Relations), of which he is now an ethology consultant, he obtains the qualification as an Ethical Riding technician. She is now engaged in speaking to the general public by spreading the cognitive-relational approach to the horse.

Marzia Alati is a young artist, author and writer. It will guide us to discover the “foResta in città” project is a journey that speaks of nature in the city, an apparently hostile place, where however the trees speak, tell and advise us. A collective work that involved ten artists who thus created the Artistic Collective on Trees. "I look at the world below and then at the world above and in the middle there is a tree, with all its stories, its knowledge and its patience, rooted in the earth and facing the sky ... and then we are we, the Man, rooted in the earth and facing the sky ... what would happen if these two beings communicated? What would a tree tell us? How does a tree see the city? What would he have to advise and teach us?

Ambra Fedrigo was born in Italy to a Viennese mother, a father from Gorizia but with origins that smell of sailing. And water has always constituted its essence, life. The movement. Evolution. She has traveled the world and in particular America has left her with the feeling of being able to do it. Having passed through the world of video production, becoming a mother pushed her into constant research that led her to devote herself more and more deeply to the search for the best for children by founding the Health Academy for Kids.

Alessandro Puccia is an Italian artist who brings the language of water through photography. Born in Varese in 1990, his artistic career began at a particular moment in his life when he was diagnosed with a serious illness. Following this event, a work of introspection and research on the water of one's own body arose. The research on water made him discover that it has a memory that allows you to record words, music, images, vibrations, frequencies, thoughts: crystals are his language. His art wants to focus on the importance that water has in our body: the simplicity of drinking a glass of water can become a gesture to introduce messages within us.

Pietro Venezia, veterinary surgeon expert in homeopath, has been dealing with unconventional medicine, sustainable systems and Permaculture since 1991. Thanks to Veterinarians Without Borders he has had and has the opportunity to coexist for almost 30 years with different ethnic groups in Central and South America, Asia and Africa, from which he learned suitable and adapted sociocracy, breeding, care, cultivation and land management methods. to the sustainability of Mother Earth. In Italy he deals with design in Permaculture, unconventional medicine for small and large animals, he is co-founder of Armonie Animali and scientific co-director of the Qua la Zampa series of Macro Edizioni. He lives in the countryside at the LaB Arca farm with Laura, Luis Thomas and Gemma 2 cats, 2 dogs, hens, geese and ducks where with his family they produce and sell vegetables, fruit, flour and eggs.

Melania Bigi is a creative woman, full of energy and passion, with a natural propensity for beauty and harmony. His talent is the ability to see potential in people and situations, and to make it emerge lightly. Trained as an architect, immediately after graduation she understood that her path was in the creation of spaces for sharing rather than actual walls. After years of collaboration in the Comunitazione project, dedicated to community building processes, in 2019 he founded with Ilaria Magagna TARA facilitation, a consulting firm that brings the systemic approach to the business world. In 2015 he published with Martina Francesca and Deborah Rim Moiso 'Facilitiamoci!', Published by La Meridiana.

Born at home in 1985, Francesco Rosso has always lived in the midst of nature and books. From an early age he experimented with alternative lifestyles compared to the dominant model: he followed a healthy and natural diet, used sweet therapies without drugs and vaccines, he had a cultural background far from any type of dogma, both religious and social. At 21, while enrolled in the Faculty of Tourism Economics in Rimini, he became CEO and coordinator of Macrolibrarsi, at 24 the creator and president of La Fattoria dell'Autosufficienza, and was CEO of Gruppo Editoriale Macro. It relentlessly promotes independent information and ecological self-sufficiency and permaculture practices through events and the Vivi Consapevole and Vivi Consapevole magazines in Romagna. Vision, tenacity and a dreamy spirit lead him to give concrete reality to far-sighted projects with great cultural ambition.

Miriam Galli is animated by a passion for body movement and its awareness. It is through her competitive career as a jumping athlete that she meets yoga that has immediately brought both physical and mental benefits. He therefore decided to undertake a path as a yoga teacher, which continues to this day. She is particularly fascinated by the achievement of awareness of body movements through the breath which allows to tame the mind. Since that time he has learned to breathe.

Francesco Neri is 35 years old and was born in Modena. Graduated in psychology, he worked as an educator with children with disabilities and with people with mental illness, before losing his head for the garden and its many branches. He lived in Ireland where he attended a Permaculture / Sustainable Horticulture course. After some experience in the field, in 2017 together with his partner Alison he created the Radici Felici Agricultural Company: a multifunctional micro-farm in the Modenese Apennines, on unused land. It mainly grows vegetables, has hens grazing for egg production, a dozen bee families, and a mixed orchard is on the way.

Simone brilliant creativity, instinct and ability to enhance the flavors of the ingredients formed in the kitchen of a family straddling the two shores of the Mediterranean. Francesca architect with “few” fundamental needs: she can't do without Light, Space, Creativitỳ, Freedom. Nourish and Nourish, Soul and Body, is the philosophy that inspires them. These are the magical ingredients of Clivo Bistrot a magical place where eating and nourishing is a gesture of love, where food is made of genuine ingredients held together by the respect and genius of those who, with love and skill, enhance the taste and flavors. . And not only ... Today they will guide us to discover tasty recipes!

Here is for all of you the beautiful biography for children of Sabine Eck. A special doctor whom I thank for her great testimony. "I am a curious doctor, a bit stubborn, who has made up her mind to sow visions full of health, but there are many other things too, and if you want to know a secret, I can also tell you that I combine and recombine everything I have learned in my life, and I mix and reshuffle it with what I learn every day, even today, as you read these lines. I was born in Germany, up north and I spent my favorite holidays with my paternal grandmother on an island in the Baltic Sea, not far from the lands of Pippi Calze Lunghe. As a child I loved dressing up, drawing, building, playing in the woods, imagining worlds with my eyes closed. Today I am grown up, I have long been sixty, I could be your grandmother or your aunt, but inside, inside I am young like you. And as a great poet says: "Before the end I will be full of beginnings" (A. Casiraghy). "

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