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The masterclass is an opportunity to meet and explore specific topics that may be useful to get even more in contact with your inner self and empower your potentials. It usually takes place over the course of a day and is reserved to those who have already undertaken the Animal Talk Italia path through a basic online or face-to-face course. The masterclass is designed to live experiences in direct contact with nature, our senses and deepen intuitive communication.
Several topics will be covered, including for example:


Topics related to intuitive communication will be proposed through an innovative and multidisciplinary approach that embraces different types of knowledge.


It is essential to be well rooted in mother earth when on a journey that faces different experiences related to subtle energies.

Animal Spirit Guide

On our journey we have spirit animals to accompany and support us. Entering into a relationship with them allows us to better understand their role.

Explore your senses

Experience your senses at 360°. Through them you will be able to amplify and internalize the experiences you live even more.

Connection with nature

Give up your resistances and let yourself be guided by Nature. It will guide you to find the answers you are looking for.

Group communication

Deepen intuitive communication through group exercises supported by the energy of people like you who are walking this path.

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"Life is a journey that has no end but that leads us to one of the most extraordinary discoveries: discovering who we are. And in this, animals and nature are by our side."

- Andrea Contri

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